Red Bud, Illinois

Celebrating 150 years

Merchandise is now for sale!  

Red Bud Winery will begin selling a Red Bud 150 wine and the Stubborn German will be mixing up a special batch of beer just for us.  Our brew is available throughout Red Bud.  Check it out!

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In 2017 our beautiful hometown of Red Bud, Illinois will be celebrating 150 years.  Help us celebrate by participating in the events throughout the next two years.  The goal is for the entire community to be involved in events that will be lifetime memories. 

We will be updating this page with further information as it becomes available.

Members of the planning

committee include:

Reda Guebert, President
Justine Liefer, Vice-President

Quinn Johnson, Secretary and Treasurer

Angie Rahn
Breann Fahey
Jane Lucht
Joy Prigge

Julie Fleming
Patty Hanebutt
Sarah Diewald